On May 27, 2022 there has been the celebration for MOX 20th birthday. On that occasion, several prestigious guests have kindly given their contribution to testify the importance of applied science and the important role that MOX has given, and will give in the future.


Thank you for the very kind invitation — it was a pleasure and an honour to participate. It’s really fantastic what you have done at MOX
         Victor Panaretos
Merci pour l’invitation et pour l’hospitalité.J’ai beaucoup apprécié la qualité des présentations et l’atmosphère très positive des échanges.
         Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
Thank you the the hospitality and generosity during my visit to Milan. It was a wonderful celebration of all the accomplishments of you and MOX and it was a privilege to be part of it.         Jan S. Hesthaven


Opening and Welcome Addresses
Welcome from Rector Delegate for Research @Polimi, Donatella Sciuto
Welcome from Director of the Mathematics Dept., Giulio Magli
Welcome of former Director of the Mathematics Dept, Sandro Salsa


Alfio Quarteroni (MOX)


Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (IHES-France)
The Unity of Mathematics Confronted with the Diversity of its Interactions


Antonio F. Corno (University of Texas Health, Houston, TX, USA)
Why Cardiac Surgeons need Mathematicians


Piercesare Secchi (MOX)
Statistical Learning for Sustainable Infrastructures


Luca Formaggia (MOX)
Mathematics for Industrial Innovation and Sustainable Development


Emilio Baselice (MOXOFF, 1st spin-off of MOX)


Jan S. Hesthaven (EPFL-Switzerland)
Trends in Reduced Order Modeling


Victor Panaretos (EPFL-Switzerland)
The Extrapolation of Correlation


Paola F. Antonietti (MOX)
Modelling Neurodegenerative Diseases


Pasquale Ciarletta (MOX)
Mathematical Modeling for Precision Healthcare


Simona Perotto (ADAPTA studio, 2nd spin-off of MOX)