Mox Colloquia

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05 Dec 2022

Petros Koumoutsakos

AI/Computing: Alloys for flow modeling and control

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29 Nov 2022

Ludmil Zikatanov

Bridging adaptive discretizations and adaptive multilevel solvers

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17 Nov 2022

Claudio Canuto

Inf-sup stable Variational Physics-Informed Neural Networks in the discretization of elliptic problems

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14 Oct 2022

Anthony T. Patera

Perspectives on Engineering Estimation via the Heat Transfer Dunking Problem

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21 Jul 2022

Gianluigi Rozza

State of the Art and Perspectives for Reduced Order Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics: Applications in Industry, Medicine and Environment

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30 May 2022

Ole Sigmund

Recent developments in multi-scale and non-linear topology optimization problems

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20 Apr 2022

Jacques M. Huyghe

The heart: the only pump the failure of which cannot be assessed through stress analysis

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07 Apr 2022

Inga Berre

Modeling of fracture deformation and propagation in thermo-poroelastic rock and application to enhanced geothermal systems

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24 Feb 2022

Karen E. Willcox

Learning physics-based models from data:
Perspectives from model reduction

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10 Feb 2022

Ron Kenett

Topics on Digital twins: Hybrid modeling, befitting cross validation and dynamical systems

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13 Jan 2022

Ricardo H. Nochetto

Fractional Diffusion: Regularity and Approximation