Mox Colloquia

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22 Nov 2021

Volker Mehrmann

Energy based modeling, simulation, and control. A path to real world digital twins

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14 Oct 2021

Wolfgang Dahmen

Some Thoughts on Physics Informed Neural Networks

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16 Sep 2021

Endre Süli

Discrete De Giorgi estimates and the finite element approximation of chemically reacting biological fluids

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18 Mar 2021

Siddhartha Mishra

Deep Learning and Computations of high-dimensional PDEs

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04 Mar 2021

Charbel Farhat

Computational Mechanics for Landing on Mars

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18 Feb 2021

Ellen Kuhl

Modeling Dementia

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21 Jan 2021

Irene Vignon-clementel

Patient-specific hemodynamics simulations for interventional planning of congenital and acquired cardiac diseases