Mox Colloquia

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22 Nov 2018

Michele Benzi

An overview of some mathematical and computational problems in Network Science

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18 Oct 2018

Michel Destrade

Elastic waves in soft tissues: inverse analysis, experiments, simulations, validation

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11 Oct 2018

Bianca Maria Colosimo

Statistical modeling and monitoring of product and process quality in Additive Manufacturing: opportunities and challenges

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01 Oct 2018

Marek Behr

Computational Prediction of Blood Damage

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18 Sep 2018

Hiroshi Suito

Coupled problems in Environmental and medical applications

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18 Jun 2018

Steve Marron

Joint and Individual Variation Explained

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07 Jun 2018

Dominique Chapelle

Biomechanical modeling of the heart, and cardiovascular system - From sarcomeres to organ / system, with experimental assessments and patient-specific clinical validations

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07 Jun 2018

Philippe Moireau

Inverse Problems for the Cardiac System

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24 May 2018

Valeria Simoncini

Matrix equation techniques for a class of PDE problems with data uncertainty

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26 Apr 2018

Patrick Farrell

Computing disconnected bifurcation diagrams of partial differential equations

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12 Apr 2018

Daniele Boffi

Mixed finite elements and adaptive schemes for eigenvalue problems

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01 Mar 2018

Ulisse Stefanelli

Graphene from Molecular Mechanics

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22 Feb 2018

Rolf Krause

Models, Simulation, Uncertainty, and Medicine - Numerical Methods in Computational Biomechanics and Cardiology

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15 Feb 2018

D. Nordsletten

Understanding Heart Tissue through Waves

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08 Feb 2018

Otmar Scherzer

Regularization Theory and Applications to Photoacoustic Imaging

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18 Jan 2018

Gabriele Dubini

Combining in vitro and in silico approaches towards patient-specific cardiovascular investigations