Massively Parallel 3D TCAD Simulation of Power Semiconductor Devices ABB Corporate Research Baden Dattwil


High Performance Computing
MOX responsible:
Carlo de Falco
Start date:
January 2013
End date:
December 2015
The goal of the present project is investigate and propose a 3D TCAD software suitable for the solution of large scale devices employed in power electronics. For this purpose, several publicly available general purpose scientific computing libraries will be adapted and integrated into a software simulator to fulfill the basic needs of ABB in terms of large scale 3D TCAD simulations. The software will run on hybrid shared memory/distributed memory massively parallel supercomputers with hundreds or thousands of CPUs, maximizing speedwp and memory efficiency. Moreover, this project will investigate novel techniques to further improve the state of the art in tents of large scale simulations. The techniques that will be considered during the project include: preconditioners, multiphysics approaches, and appropriate geometric discretization.