Programma strategico Ministero della Salute, Regione Lombardia


Statistical learning
Health Analytics
MOX responsible:
A.M. Paganoni, P. Secchi
MOX collaborators:
G. Piampiano, S. Torri
F. Ieva
Start date:
January 2009
End date:
December 2010
Scientific documentation:
Exploitation, integration and study of current and future health databases in Lombardia for Acute Coronary Sindromes
The principal aim of this project, involving also the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, is to give a methodological support to the analyses of the collected data in the Lombardia Region, in order to improve health care quality and clinical performances in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases, with particular attention to acute myocardial infarction with or without STsegment elevation. In particular pilot studies already conducted (see MOMI project) suggest the necessity for the development of parametric and nonparametric multivariate classification models in order to detect the most important prognostic factors of mortality and delay in reperfusion therapy. Moreover the variability in the data collection sources will force us to use meta-analysis methods and random effects models in order to compare results coming from different social and demographic realities.