PDGeoFF:Polyhedral Discretisation Methods for Geomechanical Simulation of Faults and Fractures in Poroelastic Media European Union under the programme H2020


Advanced Numerical Methods for Scientific Computing
Geosciences/Protection of Land and Water Resources
High Performance Computing
Paola Antonietti
MOX responsible:
Paola Antonietti
Michele Botti
Start date:
July 2020
End date:
June 2022
Scientific documentation:
Understanding subsurface geological processes is crucial for the prevention of environmental damage and the development of renewable alternatives for energy generation. The key for the successful assessment of subsurface activities is the ability to perform accurate numerical simulations able to predict the effects of soil exploitation. The PDGeoFF project focus on the design and analysis of advanced nonconforming polyhedral discretisation methods for geomechanical modelling. The versatility of polyhedral finite element methods allows to successfully tame the main numerical challenges that have to be accounted for in computational geosciences: the geometric complexity arising from the presence of various layers and fractures, the strong coupling between the flow and the mechanics, and the possible rough variations of the physical parameters.