Modeling and simulation of thermo-poroelastic processes in fractured geothermal reservoirs

Speaker: Eirik Keilegavlen
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, University of Bergen, Norway
When: Thursday 20th February 2020
Time: 11:30:00
Abstract: We present a mathematical model for coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical processes in fractured porous media, motivated by applications to geothermal energy. The model is based on a mixed-dimensional representation of the host medium and fracture network. The dynamics in the host medium is governed by fully-coupled thermo-poroelasticity, while flow and energy transport can also take place in the fracture network. Fracture deformation, including opening and sliding, is modeled using techniques from contact mechanics. We present a finite volume approach for the mixed-dimensional model, combined with a primal-dual active set strategy for the contact problem. Contatto: