Approximated Lax Pair for reduced order modeling. Application to electrophysiology

Speaker: J.F. Gerbeau
Affiliation: Inria Paris
When: Monday 30th March 2015
Time: 14:30:00
Abstract: A reduced-order model algorithm, called ALP, is proposed to solve nonlinear evolution partial differential equations. It is based on approximations of generalized Lax pairs. Contrary to other reduced-order methods, like Proper Orthogonal Decomposition, the basis on which the solution is searched for evolves in time according to a dynamics specific to the problem. It is therefore well-suited to solving problems with progressive front or wave propagation. Another difference with other reduced-order methods is that it is not based on an off-line / on-line strategy. Numerical examples are shown for the FKPP equations and for the bidomain model of electrophysiology. This work was done in collaboration with Damiano Lombardi and Elisa Schenone. contact: