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The Laboratory for Modeling and Scientific Computing MOX started its activity in march 2002 with the purpose of coordinating and developing the expertise in modeling, numerical and statistical methods present in the Department of Mathematics "F. Brioschi" at Politecnico di Milano.
MOX collaborates with several research laboratories, both from Politecnico di Milano and from other institutions belonging to industrial and academic world.
View a brief video introduction (italian only) by Alfio Quarteroni, MOX founder.

Poster Award at the 2014 CAE Conference
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Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A.M., Pietrabissa, T.
Dynamic clustering of hazard functions: an application to disease progression in chronic heart failure

Dede , L..; Quarteroni, A.; S. Zhu, S.
Isogeometric analysis and proper orthogonal decomposition for parabolic problems

Dassi, F.; Perotto, S.; Formaggia, L.
A priori anisotropic mesh adaptation on implicitly defined surfaces

Bartezzaghi, A.; Cremonesi, M.; Parolini, N.; Perego, U.
An explicit dynamics GPU structural solver for thin shell finite elements

D. Bonomi, C. Vergara, E. Faggiano, M. Stevanella, C. Conti, A. Redaelli, G. Puppini et al
Influence of the aortic valve leaflets on the fluid-dynamics in aorta in presence of a normally functioning bicuspid valve

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