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Code: 44/2021
Title: Efficient Modeling of Multimode Guided Acoustic Wave Propagation in Deformed Pipelines by Hierarchical Model Reduction
Date: Thursday 1st July 2021
Author(s) : Gentili, G.g.; Khosronejad, M.; Bernasconi, G.; Perotto, S.; Micheletti, S.
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Abstract: The fi nite element based hierarchical model (HiMod) reduction technique is here applied, for the fi rst time, to model guided acoustic wave propagation in deformed pipelines in a linear regime. This method turns out to be extremely efficient to discretize the linearized Helmholtz equation for acoustic waves. The selection of a suitable modal transverse basis for the acoustic fi eld allows us to speed up the computation by orders of magnitude with respect to a standard 3D finite element discretization.