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Code: 26/2020
Title: A Polygonal Discontinuous Galerkin formulation for contact mechanics in fluid-structure interaction problems
Date: Friday 8th May 2020
Author(s) : Zonca, S.; Antonietti, P.f.; Vergara, C.
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Abstract: In this work, we propose a formulation based on the Polygonal Discontinuous Galerkin (PolyDG) method for contact mechanics that arises in fluid-structure interaction problems. In particular, we introduce a consistent penalization approach to treat the frictionless contact between immersed structures that undergo large displacements. The key feature of the method is that the contact condition can be naturally embedded in the PolyDG formulation, allowing to easily support polygonal/polyhedral meshes. The proposed approach introduced a fixed background mesh for the fluid problem overlapped by the structure grid that is able to move independently of the fluid one. To assess the validity of the proposed approach, we report the results of several numerical experiments obtained in the case of contact between flexible structures immersed in a fluid.