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Code: 40/2011
Title: Model reduction strategies enable computational analysis of controlled drug release from cardiovascular stents
Date: Wednesday 23rd November 2011
Author(s) : D Angelo, C.; Zunino, P.; Porpora, A.; Morlacchi, S.; Migliavacca, F.
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Abstract: Medicated cardiovascular stents, also called drug eluting stents (DES) represent a relevant application of controlled drug release mechanisms. Modeling of drug release from DES also represents a challenging problem for theoretical and computational analysis. In particular, the study of drug release may require to address models with singular behavior, arising for instance in the analysis of drug release in the small diffusion regime. Moreover, the application to realistic stent configurations requires to account for complex designs of the device. To efficiently obtain satisfactory simulations of DES we rely on a multiscale strategy, involving lumped parameter models (0D) to account for drug release, one dimensional models (1D) to efficiently handle complex stent patterns and fully three-dimensional models (3D) for drug transfer in the artery, including the lumen and the arterial wall. The application of these advanced mathematical models makes it possible to perform a computational analysis of the fluid dynamics and drug release for a medicated stent implanted into a coronary bifurcation, a treatment where clinical complications still have to be fully understood.

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