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Code: 43/2010
Title: Multiscale Modelling with Application to Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
Date: Friday 10th December 2010
Author(s) : Pennati, G.; Dubini, G.; Migliavacca, F.; Corsini, C.; Formaggia, L.; Quarteroni,a.; Veneziani, A.
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Abstract: The study of the haemodynamics of 3D models of vascular districts with complex anatomy with the aid of numerical models requires to prescribe correct conditions at the boundary of the district of interest. The cardiovascular system is a highly integrated circuit and global systemic effects cannot be neglected even when the interest lays on a specific local area. To this aim, a novel approach, called geometrical multiscale, has been devised where models of different level of detail (and computational cost) are coupled together. In particular, we focus in this work on an application where the 3D NavierStokes equations are coupled with a non-linear system of ordinary differential equations governing the systemic circulation. The application is the simulation of different procedures for paediatric cardiac surgery.