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Code: MOX 14
Title: Computational Modelling of 1d blood flow with variable mechanical properties and its application to the simulation of wave propagation in the human arterial system
Date: Monday 3rd February 2003
Author(s) : Sherwin, S.j.; Formaggia, Luca; Peiro, Jaume; Franke, V.
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Abstract: In this paper we numerically investigate a one-dimensional model of blood flow in human arteries using both discontinuous Galerkin and a Taylor-Galerkin formulation. The derivation of the model and the numerical schemes are detailed and applied to two model numerical experiments. We first study the effect of an intervenction, such the implantantion of a vascular prothesis (e.g. a stent), which leadsto an abrupt variation of the mechanical characteristics of an artery. We then discuss the simulation of the propagation of the pressure and velocity waveforms in the human arterial tree using a simplified model consisting of the 55 main arteries.