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Code: 7/2008
Title: Reliable CFD-based Estimation of Flow Rate in Hemodynamics Measures. Part II: Sensitivity Analysis and First Clinical Application
Date: Tuesday 25th March 2008
Author(s) : Vergara, Christian; Ponzini, Raffaele; Veneziani, Alessandro; Redaelli, Alberto; Neglia, Danilo; Parodi, Oberdan
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Abstract: In Ponzini et al. (2006) a new approach has been proposed for estimating in a reliable way blood flow rate from velocity Doppler measurements. In that paper, basic features of the approach and some in silico test cases were furnished. Here, we give more insights of this approach by performing a sensitivity analysis of the formulae relating blood flow rate to blood velocity. In particular we analyze their sensitivity to the physiological parameters in comparison with the standard formula proposed in Doucette et al. (1992). A first glance at in vivo validation of the formulae is given too.