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Vismara, F; Benacchio, T.; Bonaventura, L.
A seamless, extended DG approach for hyperbolic-parabolic problems on unbounded domains

Bonaventura,l.; Gomez Marmol, M.
The TR-BDF2 method for second order problems in structural mechanics

Bonaventura,l.; Garres Diaz,j.
Flexible and efficient discretizations of multilayer models with variable density

Gatti, F.; Menafoglio, A.; Togni, N.; Bonaventura, L.; Brambilla, D.; Papini, M; Longoni, L.
A novel dowscaling procedure for compositional data in the Aitchison geometry with application to soil texture data

Benacchio, T.; Bonaventura, L.; Altenbernd, M.; Cantwell, C.d.; Düben, P.d.; Gillard, M.; Giraud, L.; Göddeke, D.; Raffin, E.; Teranishi, K.; Wedi, N.
Resilience and fault-tolerance in high-performance computing for numerical weather and climate prediction

Bonaventura, L.; Carlini, E.; Calzola, E.; Ferretti, R.
Second order fully semi-Lagrangian discretizations of advection--diffusion--reaction systems

Simona, A.; Bonaventura, L; De Falco, C.; Schoeps, S.
IsoGeometric Approximations for Electromagnetic Problems in Axisymmetric Domains

Abbà, A.; Bonaventura, L.; Recanati, A.; Tugnoli, M.;
Dynamical p-adaptivity for LES of compressible flows in a high order DG framework

Bonaventura, L.; Della Rocca A.;
Convergence analysis of a cell centered finite volume diffusion operator on non-orthogonal polyhedral meshes

Bassi, C.; Abbà, A.; Bonaventura,l.; Valdettaro,l.
Direct and Large Eddy Simulation of three-dimensional non-Boussinesq gravity currents with a high order DG method

Benacchio, T.;bonaventura,l.
A seamless extension of DG methods for hyperbolic problems to unbounded domains

Bassi, C. ; Abbà, A.; Bonaventura L.; Valdettaro, L.
A priori tests of a novel LES approach to compressible variable density turbulence

Simona, A.; Bonaventura, L.; Pugnat, T.; Dalena, B.
High order time integrators for the simulation of charged particle motion in magnetic quadrupoles

Delpopolo Carciopolo L.; Bonaventura L.; Scotti A.; Formaggia L.
A conservative implicit multirate method for hyperbolic problems

Bonaventura, L.; Casella, F.; Delpopolo, L.; Ranade, A.;
A self adjusting multirate algorithm based on the TR-BDF2 method

Bonaventura, L.; Fernandez Nieto, E.; Garres Diaz, J.; Narbona Reina, G.;
Multilayer shallow water models with locally variable number of layers and semi-implicit time discretization

Bonaventura, L.; Ferretti, R.; Rocchi L.;
A fully semi-Lagrangian discretization for the 2D Navier--Stokes equations in the vorticity--streamfunction formulation

Bassi, C.; Abbà, A.; Bonaventura, L.; Valdettaro, L.
Large Eddy Simulation of gravity currents with a high order DG method

Tugnoli, M; Abbà, A. ; Bonaventura, L.; Restelli, M.
A locally p-adaptive approach for Large Eddy Simulation of compressible flows in a DG framework

Bonaventura, L.; Della Rocca, A.
Monotonicity, positivity and strong stability of the TR-BDF2 method and of its SSP extensions

Bonaventura, L:
Local Exponential Methods: a domain decomposition approach to exponential time integration of PDE.

Bonaventura, L.; Ferretti, R.
Flux form Semi-Lagrangian methods for parabolic problems

Abbà,a.;bonaventura,l.; Nini, M.;restelli,m.;
Anisotropic dynamic models for Large Eddy Simulation of compressible flows with a high order DG method

Bonaventura, L.; Ferretti, R.
Semi-Lagrangian methods for parabolic problems in divergence form

Tumolo, G.; Bonaventura, L.
An accurate and efficient numerical framework for adaptive numerical weather prediction

Ferran Garcia, Luca Bonaventura, Marta Net, Juan Sanchez
Exponential versus IMEX high-order time integrators for thermal convection in rotating spherical shells

Carcano, S.; Bonaventura, L.; Neri, A.; Esposti Ongaro, T.
A second order accurate numerical model for multiphase underexpanded volcanic jets

Tumolo, G.; Bonaventura, L.; Restelli, M.
A semi-implicit, semi-Lagrangian, p-adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin method for the shallow water equations

Benacchio, T.; Bonaventura, L.
A spectral collocation method for the one dimensional shallow water equations on semi-infinite domains

Garegnani, G.; Rosatti, G.; Bonaventura, L.
Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of Fully Coupled Mobile Bed Free Surface Flows

Abba', A.; Bonaventura, L.
A mimetic finite difference method for Large Eddy Simulation of incompressible flow

Bonaventura, Luca; Castruccio, Stefano; Sangalli, Laura M.
A Bayesian approach to geostatistical interpolation with exible variogram models

Bonaventura, Luca; Biotto, Cristian; Decoene, Astrid; Mari, Lorenzo; Miglio, Edie
A couple ecological-hydrodynamic model for the spatial distribution of sessile aquatic species in thermally forced basins

Bonaventura, Luca; Castruccio, Stefano; Crippa, Paola; Lonati, Giovanni
Geostatistical estimate of PM10 concentrations in Northern Italy: validation of kriging reconstructions with classical and flexible variogram models

Decoene, Astrid; Bonaventura, Luca; Miglio, Edie; Saleri, Fausto
Asymptotic Derivation of the Section-Averaged Shallow Water Equations for River Hydraulics.

Deponti, Alberto; Bonaventura, Luca; Rosatti; Giorgio, Garegnani, Giulia
An Accurate and Efficient Semi-Implicit Method for Section Averaged Free Surface Flow Modelling

Deponti, Alberto; Bonaventura, Luca; Fraccarollo, Luigi; Miglio, Edie; Rosatti, Giorgio
Analysis of Hyperbolic Systems for Mobile--Bed, Free--Surface Flow Modelling in Arbitrary Cross Sections

Abba', A.; Bonaventura, L.
A vorticity preserving finite difference discretization for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

Baudisch, J.; Bonaventura, Luca; Iske, A.; Miglio, Edie
Matrix valued Radial Basis Functions for local vector field reconstruction: applications to computational fluid dynamic models

Restelli, Marco; Bonaventura, Luca; Sacco, Riccardo
A flux form, semi - Lagrangian method for the scalar advection equation usign Discontinuous Galerkin reconstruction

Author:Simona, Abele
Advisors:Bonaventura, L.; De Falco, C. Schöps, S.
Numerical methods for the simulation of particle motion in electromagnetic fields

Author:Bassi, Caterina
Advisors:Bonaventura, L.

Author:Della Rocca, Alessandro
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Formaggia, L.

Author:Castellini, Matteo
Advisors:Vantini, S. Bonaventura, L.; Pini, A.
Statistical assessment of climate predictions by functional data analysis techniques

Author:Romeo, Francesco L.
Advisors:Bonaventura, L.
Assessment of trajectories tracking techniques in high-order semi-Lagrangian methods

Author:Simona, Abele
Advisors:Bonaventura, L.
Mathematical and numerical problems in the simulation of particle motion in a magnetic quadrupole

Author:Delpopolo Carciopolo, Ludovica
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Scotti, A.
Application of the Multivariate TR-BDF2 method to the time discretization of nonlinear conservation laws

Author:Ranade, Akshay
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Casella, F.
Multirate algorithms based on DIRK methods for large scale system simulation

Author:Boittin, Lea
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Rdice, A.
Assessment of numerical methods for uncertainty qualification in river hydraulics modelling

Author:Parnigoni, Matteo
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Sangalli, L.
Applicazione di modelli di regressione spaziale a dati oceanografici

Author:Benacchio, Tommaso
Advisors:Bonaventura, L.
Spectral Collocation Methods on Semi-Infinite Domains and Application to Open Boundary Conditions

Author:Parnigoni, Matteo
Advisors:Bonaventura, L.
Applicazione di catene di Markov di ordine superiore alla simulazione di serie di dati meteorologici

Author:Colbertaldo, Angelo
Advisors:Formaggia, L. Bonaventura, L.
Schemi alle differenze finite mimetiche su griglie non strutturate per applicazioni fluidodinamiche

Author:Brumana, Marco
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Nobile, F.
Numerical methods for the solution of the Burgers equation with stochastic coeffcients

Author:Castruccio, Stefano
Advisors:Secchi, P. Bonaventura, L.
Approccio Bayesiano alla geostatistica con rappresentazione lineare a tratti del variogramma

Author:Bertoletti, Luca
Advisors:Formaggia, L. Bonaventura, L.
Un'applicazione della Teoria del Controllo Ottimo all'Assimilazione di Dati al contorno per modelli idrodinamici

Author:Crippa, Paola
Advisors:Lonati, G. Bonaventura, L.
Tecniche di interpolazione geostatica delle concentrazioni di PM10: applicazione e validazione nel caso del bacino padano

Author:Biotto, Christian
Advisors:Formaggia, L. Bonaventura, L.
Un modello numerico semi-implicito e semi-Lagrangiano per fluidi a superficie libera con forzanti termiche: validazione e applicazioni alla fluidodinamica ambientale

Author:Cilento, Armando
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Paganoni, A.m.
Metodi di interpolazione geostatistica per dati categorici: teoria e simulazioni

Author:Garegnani, Giulia
Advisors:Bonaventura, L. Rulli, M.c.
Sviluppo e applicazione di un modello numerico per il trasporto solido lungo l'alveo

Author:Restelli, Marco
Advisors:Sacco, R. Bonaventura, L.
Semi-lagrangian and semi-implicit discontinuous Galerkin methods for athmospheric modeling applications

Author:Madeo, S.; Penati, M.
Advisors:Bonaventura, L.
Ricostruzione di campi di concentrazione di inquinanti sulla regione Lombardia mediante interpolatori geostatistici

Author:Madeo, Stefania; Penati, Marta
Advisors:Bonaventura, Luca
Ricostruzione di campi di concentrazione di inquinanti sulla regione Lombardia mediante interpolatori geostatistici

Finite volume methods on unstructured meshes for numerical weather prediction


The thesis will focus on the numerical modelling of particle tracking in circular particle colliders planned for future deployment at CERN. This thesis will focus on the optimization of the hadron option of the future circular collider against linear and non-linear imperfections (i.e. magnets alignments and their field quality). A key point of the thesis will be the comparison of current advanced correction schemes to techniques based on machine learning. The thesis will be tutored in collaboration with Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA) – France and could entail a stage at CEA (located a Saclay close to Paris) that could be supported financially by CEA (application for funding is pending).

Escape-2 Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms For Weather And Climate Prediction At Exascale,European Commission
ESCAPE-2 will develop world-class, extreme-scale computing capabilities for European operational numerical weather and climate prediction systems. It continues the pioneering work of the ESCAPE project. The project aims to attack all three sources of enhanced computational performance at once, namely (i) developing and testing bespoke numerical methods that optimally trade off accuracy, resilience and performance, (ii) developing generic programming approaches that ensure code portability and performance portability, (iii) testing performance on HPC platforms offering different processor technologies. ESCAPE-2 will prepare weather and climate domain benchmarks that will allow a much more realistic assessment of application specific performance on large HPC systems than current generic benchmarks such as HPL and HPCG. These benchmarks are specifically geared towards the pre-exascale and exascale HPC infrastructures that the European Commission and Member States will invest in through the European Commission Joint Undertaking. The role of MOX in ESCAPE-2 is the development of efficient semi-implicit solvers for Discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of the Euler equations. ESCAPE-2 is funded by the European Commission under the Future and Emerging Technologies - High-Performance Computing call for research and innovation actions, grant agreement 800897.

Data-centric Genomic Computing (gendata 2020),National Project Prin 2010-2011 (politecnico Coordinator: A.

Eni At Polimi - 1,Eni S.p.a