AEEG 2007 Autorita' per l'Energia Elettrica e il Gas


Statistical learning
MOX responsible:
P. Secchi
A.M. Paganoni, S. Vantini, L. Paglieri
Start date:
December 2006
End date:
December 2007
Scientific documentation:
Statistical models for quality regulation of electricity distribution in the III italian regulatory period
The Italian regulatory mechanism for quality of service in electricity distribution links the tariff to the number and duration of interruptions of service per consumer. Indeed, the Italian Regulatory Authority applies penalties and rewards to electricity distribution companies based on continuity indicators net of exceptional events; hence the Authority needs a criterion for the identification of such events and for handling the relative continuity data separately from the set of normal operation data. We here develop statistical models for the analysis of the distribution of the number of interruptions of service observed along the year,every given number of hours and we identify the exceptional time periods.