TEEN Politecnico di Milano (Polisocial award)


Societal Outreach
MOX responsible:
Marco Verani
MAT@Polimi: Domenico Brunetto, Giulio Magli, Nicola Parolini; DASTU@Polimi: Elena Granata, Silvia Pompameo; FIS@Polimi: Maurizio Zani, GES@Polimi: Tommaso Agasisti; Univ. Piemonte Orientale: Chiara Andrà; Univ. Torino: Anna Granata
Start date:
April 2018
End date:
March 2020
Scientific documentation:
TEEN is a project, founded by Polisocial Award 2017 (www.polisocial.polimi.it), that deals with the phenomenon of young immigration to Europe. In particular, it focus on “teens”, namely those underage immigrants who reach Italy without parents and relatives, The project, designed by a multidisciplinary team of Politecnico di Milano, aims at promoting basic mathematical literacy as another fundamental right that may significantly increase the level of autonomy of teens, helping them to deal with daily needs. The main product delivered by TEEN is the gamyfied webapp StreetMath, that teens can use outside the school and without teachers to develop their basic mathematical skills. StreetMath is a “safe” place where teens can face with daily activities empowering themselves.