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Code: 03/2021
Title: Bridge closure in the road network of Lombardy: a spatio-temporal analysis of the socio-economic impacts
Date: Saturday 23rd January 2021
Author(s) : Torti, A.; Marika, A.; Azzone, G.; Secchi, P.; Vantini S.
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Abstract: This paper introduces a methodology to evaluate the socio-economic impacts of closure for maintenance of one or more infrastructures of a large and complex road network. Motivated by a collaboration with Regione Lombardia, we focus on a subset of bridges in the region, although we aim at developing a method scalable to all road infrastructures of the regional network, consisting of more than 10000 tunnels, bridges and overpasses. The final aim of the endeavor is to help decision-makers in prioritizing their interventions for maintaining and repairing infrastructure segments. We develop two different levels of impact assessment, both providing a unique global score for each bridge closure and investigating its spatio-temporal effects on mobility. We take advantage of a functional data analysis approach enhanced by a complex network theory perspective, thus modelling the roads of Lombardy as a network in which weights attributed to the edges are functional data. Results reveal the most critical bridges of Lombardy; moreover, for each bridge closure, the most impactful hours of the day and the most impacted municipalities of the region are identified. The proposed approach develops a flexible and scalable method for monitoring infrastructures of large and complex road networks.