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Code: 03/2020
Title: Compliance-stress constrained mass minimization for topology optimization on anisotropic meshes
Date: Friday 10th January 2020
Author(s) : Ferro, N.; Micheletti, S.; Perotto, S.
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Abstract: In this paper, we generalize the SIMPATY algorithm, which combines the SIMP method with anisotropic mesh adaptation to solve the minimum compliance problem with a mass costraint. In particular, the mass of the final layout is now minimized and both a maximum compliance and a maximum stress can be enforced as either mono- or multi-constraints. The new algorithm, named MSC-SIMPATY, is able to sharply detect the material-void interface, thanks to the anisotropic mesh adaptation. The presented test cases deal with three different scenarios, with a focus on the effect of the constraints on the final layouts and on the performance of the algorithm.