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Code: 34/2019
Title: Three-dimensional physics-based earthquake ground motion simulations for seismic risk assessment in densely populated urban areas
Date: Wednesday 4th September 2019
Author(s) : Antonietti, P. F.; Mazzieri, I.; Melas, L.; Paolucci, R.; Quarteroni, A.; Smerzini, C.; Stupazzini, M.
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Abstract: In this paper we introduce a mathematical and numerical approach aiming at coupling the physically simulated ground motion caused by earthquakes with empirical fragility functions introduced to model the structural damages induced to buildings. To simulate earthquake ground motion we solve a three-dimensional differential model at regional scale describing the propagation of seismic waves through the earth layers up to the surface, based on employing the discontinuous Galerkin spectral element method; selected intensity measure, retrieved from the synthetic time histories, are then employed as input for a vulnerability model based on fragility functions, in order to obtain a reliable prediction of buildings damage state. The main features and effectiveness of the proposed numerical approach are tested on the Beijing metropolitan area (China).

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