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Code: 12/2019
Title: Control charts for monitoring ship operating conditions and CO2 emissions based on scalar-on-function regression
Date: Tuesday 26th March 2019
Author(s) : Capezza, C.; Lepore, A.; Menafoglio, A.; Palumbo, B.; Vantini, S.
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Abstract: To respond to the compelling air pollution programs, shipping companies are nowadays setting-up on their fleets modern multi-sensor systems that stream massive amounts of observational data, which can be considered as varying over a continuous domain. Motivated by this context, a novel procedure is proposed that extends classical multivariate techniques to the monitoring of multivariate functional data and a scalar quality characteristic related to them. The procedure is effectively applied to a real-case study on monitoring of operating conditions (i.e., the multivariate functional data) and total CO2 emissions (i.e., the scalar quality characteristic) at each voyage of a cruise ship.