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Code: 54/2017
Title: Isogeometric Analysis of a Phase Field Model for Darcy Flows with Discontinuous Data
Date: Monday 23rd October 2017
Author(s) : Dede', L; Quarteroni, A.
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Abstract: We consider a phase field model for Darcy flows with discontinuous data in porous media; specifically, we adopt the Hele-Shaw-Cahn-Hillard equations of [Lee, Lowengrub, Goodman, Physics of Fluids, 2002] to model flows in the Hele-Shaw cell through a phase field formulation which incorporates discontinuities of physical data, namely density and viscosity, across interfaces. For the spatial approximation of the problem, we use NURBS-based Isogeometric Analysis in the framework of the Galerkin method, a computational framework which is particularly advantageous for the solution of high order Partial Differential Equations and phase field problems which exhibit sharp but smooth interfaces. In this paper, we verify through numerical tests the sharp interface limit of the phase field model which in fact leads to an internal discontinuity interface problem; finally, we show the efficiency of Isogeometric Analysis for the numerical approximation of the model by solving a benchmark problem, the so-called "rising bubble" problem.