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Code: 18/2017
Title: A Lagrange multiplier method for a Stokes-Biot fluid-poroelastic structure interaction model
Date: Tuesday 14th March 2017
Author(s) : Ambartsumyan, I.; Khattatov, E.; Yotov, I.; Zunino, P.
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Abstract: We study a finite element computational model for solving the coupled problem arising in the interaction between a free fluid and a fluid in a poroelastic medium. The free fluid is governed by the Stokes equations, while the flow in the poroelastic medium is modeled using the Biot poroelasticity system. Equilibrium and kinematic conditions are imposed on the interface. A mixed Darcy formu- lation is employed, resulting in continuity of flux condition of essential type. A Lagrange multiplier method is employed to impose weakly this condition. A stability and error analysis is performed for the semi-discrete continuous-in-time and the fully discrete formulations. A series of numerical experiments is presented to confirm the theoretical convergence rates and to study the applicability of the method to modeling physical phenomena and the sensitivity of the model with respect to its parameters.