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Code: 35/2016
Title: An unfitted formulation for the interaction of an incompressible fluid with a thick structure via an XFEM/DG approach
Date: Thursday 6th October 2016
Author(s) : Zonca, S.; Formaggia, L.; Vergara, C.
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Abstract: A numerical procedure that combines an Extended Finite Element (XFEM) formulation and a Discontinuous Galerkin technique is presented, with the final aim of providing an effective tool for the simulation of three-dimensional fluid-structure interaction problems where the structure undergoes large displacements. In this work we consider thick structures immersed in a fluid domain and we focus on the description of the numerical models and on the techniques used to deal with the issues related to the implementation of XFEM in this context. Numerical results are provided to show the effectiveness of the approach.