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Code: 56/2015
Title: Monotonicity, positivity and strong stability of the TR-BDF2 method and of its SSP extensions
Date: Monday 2nd November 2015
Author(s) : Bonaventura, L.; Della Rocca, A.
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Abstract: We analyze the one-step method TR-BDF2 from the point of view of monotonicity, strong stability and positivity. All these properties are strongly related and reviewed in the common framework of abso- lute monotonicity. The radius of absolute monotonicity is computed and it is shown that the parameter value which makes the method L-stable is also the value which maximizes the radius of monotonicity. Two hybrid variants of TR-BDF2 are proposed, that reduce the for- mal order of accuracy and maximize the absolute monotonicity radius, while keeping the native L-stability useful in stiff problems. Numeri- cal experiments compare these different hybridization strategies with other methods commonly used in the presence of stiff and mildly stiff source terms. The results show that both strategies provide a good compromise between accuracy and robustness at high CFL numbers, without suffering from the limitations of alternative approaches al- ready available in literature.

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L.Bonaventura,A.Della Rocca, Unconditional Strong Stability Preserving extensions of the TR-BDF2 method, Journal of Scientific Computing,Vol.70,pp.859-895,2017