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Code: 42/2010
Title: Generalized functional linear models for recurrent events: an application to re-admission processes in heart failure patients
Date: Friday 3rd December 2010
Author(s) : Baraldo, S.; Ieva, F.; Paganoni, A. M.; Vitelli, V.
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Abstract: An effective methodology for dealing with data extracted from clinical heart failure databases and the Public Health Database is proposed. A model for recurrent events is used for modeling the occurrence of hospital readmissions in time, thus deriving a suitable way to compute individual cumulative hazard functions. Estimated cumulative hazard trajectories are then treated as functional data, and their relation to clinical relevant responses is studied in the framework of generalized functional linear models.

This report, or a modified version of it, has been also submitted to, or published on
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 40(3): 403-416, September 2013