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Code: 22/2010
Title: Numerical approximation with Nitsche s coupling of transient Stokes /Darcy s flow problems applied to hemodynamics
Date: Monday 12th July 2010
Author(s) : D'angelo, Carlo; Zunino, Paolo
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Abstract: In this work, we consider a time dependent coupled Stokes-Darcy flow problem and study an approximation method based on a unifi ed finite element scheme complemented with implicit time stepping. Our fi nite element formulation relies on a weighing strategy in which the physical and discretization parameters are taken into account to robustly enforce interface and boundary conditions by means of the Nitsche s method. We prove unconditional absolute stability and optimal convergence of the scheme, and discuss the algebraic properties of the associated discrete problem. Finally, we present numerical experiments con firming the predicted convergence behavior and algebraic properties, and report an application to the computational analysis of blood flow and plasma filtration in arteries after the implantation of a vascular graft.