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Code: MOX 19
Title: A discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin method with Lagrangian multipliers for second order elliptic problems
Date: Wednesday 7th May 2003
Author(s) : Causin, Paola; Sacco, Riccardo
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Abstract: We present a discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin method (DPG) for finite element discretization scheme of second order elliptic boundary value problems. The novel approach emanates from a one-element weak formulation of the differential problem (that is typical of Discontinuous Galerkin methods (DG)) which is based on introducing variables defined in the interior and on the boundary of the element. The interface variables are suitable Lagrangian multipliers that enforce interelement continuity of the solution and of its normal derivate, thus providing the proper connection between neighboring elements. The internal variables can be eliminated in favor of the interface variables using static condensation to end up with a system of reduced size having as unknowns the Lagrangian multipliers. A stability and convergence analysis of the novel formulation is carried out and its connection with mixed-hybrid and DG method is explored. Numerical tests on several benchmark problems are included to validate the convergence perfomance and the flux-conservation properties of the DPG method.