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Code: 15/2009
Title: Hierarchical local model reduction for elliptic problems I: a domain decomposition approach
Date: Thursday 7th May 2009
Author(s) : Perotto, Simona; Ern, Alexandre; Veneziani, Alessandro
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Abstract: Some engineering applications, for instance related to fluid dynamics in pipe or channel networks, feature a dominant spatial direction along which the most relevant dynamics develop. Nevertheless, local features of the problem depending on the other directions, that we call transverse, can be locally relevant to the whole problem. We propose in the context of ellip- tic problems such as advectiondiffusionreaction equations, a hierarchical model reduction approach in which a coarse model featuring only the dominant direction dynamics is enriched locally by a fine model that accounts for the transverse variables via an appropriate modal expansion. We introduce a domain decomposition approach allowing us to employ a different number of modal functions in different parts of the domain according to the local complexity of the problem at hand. The methodology is investigated numerically on several test cases.