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Code: 8/2008
Title: Space-time adaptation for purely diffusion problems in an anisotropic framework
Date: Friday 18th April 2008
Author(s) : Micheletti, Stefano; Perotto, Simona
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Abstract: The main goal of this work is the proposal of an efficient space-time adaptive procedure for a cGdG approximation of an unsteady diffusion problem. We derive a suitable a posteriori error estimator where the contribution of the spatial and of the temporal discretization is kept distinct. In particular our interest is addressed to phenomena characterized by temporal multiscale as well as strong spatial directionalities. On the one hand this leads us to exploit the experience matured on handling anisotropic grids, to enrich the analysis currently available in the literature. On the other hand we devise a sound criterion to update the time step, able to follow the evolution of the problem under investigation. The reliability and the efficiency of the proposed error estimator are assessed numerically.