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Code: MOX 10
Title: A new two-dimensional Shallow Water model including pressure effects
Date: Thursday 5th December 2002
Author(s) : Ferrari, Stefania; Saleri, Fausto
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Abstract: The motion of an incompressible fluid confined to a shallow basin with a slightly varying bottom topography is considered. Coriolis force, surface wind and pressure stresses, togheter with bottom and lateral friction stresses are taken into account. We introduce appropriatescalings into a three-dimensional anisotropic eddy viscosity model: after averaging on the vertical direction and considering some asymptotic assumptions, we obtain a two-dimensional modl, which approximates the three-dimensional model at second order with respect to the ratio between the vertical scale and the longitudinal scale. The derived model is shown to be symmetrizable through a suitable change of variables. Finally, we propose sone numerical tests with the aim to validate the proposed model.