Services & Facilities

MOX address its services to the application of advanced mathematical techniques to problems of engineering nature; if you are a private company and are interested to explore the possibility of a collaboration with MOX, you can have a look at our Industry related page or browse some of the ongoing and past project that we’ve developed.


In addition to specific software written for industrial collaboration, MOX develops and distributes scientific software free of charge for academic use. More information can be found at the specific site.

HPC resources

MOX makes use of the highest possible technology to carry out its research on modelling and scientific computing. Together with a network of nearly 50 personal computers, MOX hosts in-house HPC facilities and has access to CINECA top-end supercomputers.
Both sequential and parallel codes can be developed and executed on our resources, which include MPI, SMP and GPU programming paradigms. An updated description of our facilities can be found at these pages.

Meeting Facilities

MOX hosts regularly seminars, conferences and lectures, as well as executive meeting, and has access to rooms properly equipped and served for small-to-medium size events. Moreover, MOX takes advantage of the Eventimate staff for the organization and managing of practical aspects of any kind of event.