- Attenzione!: NUOVA DATA 28-04-2015 - Reduced basis methods: principles, algorithms, applications

Speaker: Alfio Quarteroni
Affiliation: EPFL e Politecnico di Milano (on leave)
When: Tuesday 28th April 2015
Time: 14:15:00
Abstract: Projection-based reduced-order models (ROMs) provide efficient strategies to tackle parametrized partial differential equations, multi-query problems (control and inverse problems, for instance), and yield real-time simulations. Essential ingredients are the regularity and low dimensionality of solution manifolds, the use of Offline/Online computational stratagems, the availability of a posteriori error estimates,and the use of low-dimensional approximation spaces. In this talk I will recall the mathematical concepts behind Reduced Basis methods (a special family of ROM), provide both algebraic and geometrical interpretation,and address a few meaningful examples. contact: