Arena 2008, Arena Italia S.p.A.

MOX responsible:
N. Parolini

MOX collaborators:
G. Piampiano, S. Torri

F. Biondi

Start date:
November 2007

End date:
November 2008

Scientific documentation:

Numerical simulation of the flow around a swimmer

The project is devoted to the numerical simulation of the flow around a swimmer. The objective is to quantify the potential benefits given by the adoption of a new competition swimsuit. In particular, a first objective is to quantify the drag reduction obtained removing the seams from the swimsuit surface. The perturbed flow in the neighborhood of the seam is simulated in details and the global impact on the swimmer performance is estimated. We also analyse the swimmer stroke through a dynamical simulation involving moving geometries, in order to better understand the time evolution of thrust during a stroke period.