iHEART, EU ERC Advanced Grant

Alfio Quarteroni

MOX responsible:
Alfio Quarteroni

MOX collaborators:
Susanna de Leo

L. Dedè, A. Manzoni, L. Paglieri, C. Vergara, P. Zunino, M. Fedele, N. Barnafi, S. di Gregorio, S. Fresca

Start date:
December 2017

End date:
November 2022

Scientific documentation:

An Integrated Heart Model for the simulation of the cardiac function. The goal of the iHEART project is to construct, mathematically analyze, numerically approximate, computationally solve, and validate on clinically relevant cases a mathematically-based integrated heart model for the human cardiac function. The integrated model comprises several core cardiac models - electrophysiology, solid and fluid mechanics, microscopic cellular force generation, and valve dynamics - which are then coupled and finally embedded into the systemic and pulmonary blood circulations. It is a multiscale system of Partial Differential Equations and Ordinary Differential Equations featuring multiphysics interactions among the core models.