Consultancy & Partnership

Consulting is a primary activity for MOX, as many of the most innovative advancing in theory and techniques arise from problems of engineering nature.  Many successful research projects applied to cases of industrial interest have since long proved how also industry benefits from high-quality research.
MOX can effectively contribute to develop an advanced industrial project thanks to its deep knowledge in methods for mathematical modelling and numerical analysis.

Browse our project directory, to have a survey of our success stories, and feel free to contact us for any information or to arrange a visit and meet us.


Long lasting partnerships have been established with some industrial partners to ensure a stable and continuous developing of research projects. Many of these have given birth to exchange of researchers or funding of research and PhD positions at the Politecnico di Milano.

The collaboration with an external partner can take different forms; from a joint work in a research thesis for our best master students, to the sharing of researchers or the funding of a PhD grant on subjects of common interest, any way to develop a continuous research line can be explored.