MOX in a nutshell

The Laboratory for Modeling and Scientific Computing MOX started its activity in march 2002 with the purpose of coordinating and developing the expertise in modeling, numerical and statistical methods present in the Department of Mathematics at Politecnico di Milano. The idea was to establish a common procedure for applying these various mathematical techniques to problems of engineering interest, and to propose to the industrial world a unique interface to address challenging problems with innovative tools made available by the most advanced research in mathematics.
Since then MOX has evolved in a complex and dynamic structure, with a lively exchange of high quality staff between other universities and industries, and with an excellent scientific production testified by numerous scientific publications.

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MOX collaborates with several research laboratories, both from Politecnico di Milano and other institutions belonging to industrial and academic world. Its research activity span several fields of application, from oil reservoirs to blood circulation, from fluid-dynamics of hulls to analysis of massive data set, always applying the most advanced numerical and statistical techniques. You can browse the list of our ongoing and past projects to have a view on our activity.
MOX presently has a staff of nearly 70 researchers, and hosts frequently scientists from all over the world.
Feel free to explore our activity through our web sites and ask any information to the contact point.
You are welcome to follow our free seminars and, if you’re a student from the Politecnico di Milano or from any other Italian and foreigner University, to apply for a Master Thesis or for a position in our Doctoral programme.
You can also find a brief video introduction (italian only) by Alfio Quarteroni, MOX founder.